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Would it be fair to say that the average parent has totally lost control of the kids? Kids are today in the surreal 'other world' that has been created inside the android phone. This is a world where your rules don't apply. This is a world where they run into troubles and problems that you may not even see.  Momdroid creates simple apps that puts you back in the saddle, back in control of your kids. Try our MomCensor, built to regulate what kids can and cannot say online.



You know exactly what kind of trash kids are talking to one another thru the hidden medium of smartphones. While you are worrying about what movie is PG-13 and what needs 'parental supervision', they are talking such unspeakable obscenities thru the various chat apps and social media. Not anymore. 

The solutions to the problems created by technology is obviously strong, hands-on parenting. And MomCensor gives you the support that you need. MomCensor once installed on your kid's phone 'asterixes out' any obscenities that they type into the keyboard. This gives two advantages. It really handicaps the phone user's ability to search for the more devious porn niches, and it clamps down on any kinds of unwholesome communication, you know, things kids simply should not be saying , whether it is online or offline. 



The biggest problem with cellphones today is that kids (and adults) waste a lot of time on those phones. Hours and hours are wasted on entirely non-productive activities, activities that are comparable to the monkey in those mad scientist experiments where he would rather push a lever that shocks the 'fun' area of his brain that eat a basket of bananas. MomRule limits the amount of time that can be spent per day on social media apps or any other apps that you decide needs to be policed. You rule, and your kids do great. If you want us to let you know when the app is ready for use, please email us. 

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